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Remfry - Thigh Guard

Remfry - Thigh Guard

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Originating in 1985 with a forearm guard for Indian superstar Sunil Gavaskar, Remfry Protective Gear specialise in designing and manufacturing custom cricket protective guards. We hand make our products  using quality materials that provide superior impact absorption, comfort and longevity. Current stars from  all major international teams choose Remfry thigh, inner thigh, chestand arm guards for their protection against the world's fastest bowlers. Anyone from anywhere around the globe can order the best protection available.

The thigh guard is an essential piece of protective equipment. Remfry thigh guards were the first to move from the traditional square/rectangle shape to not only cover the thigh area, but also the side of the leg going down to the knee.


Getting the right sized guard is important for both comfort and protection The below templates and recommendations are guidelines only.


We have three template sizes for our Remfry thigh guards that you can download, print (A3 paper),  cut and try for size.  As a guide 51cm is the largest custom thigh guard we have made for a 210cm (near 7') cricketer.

  1. Small Thigh - 36cm (14")- recommended if your height is less than 170cm or 5' 7"

  2. Medium Thigh - 41cm (16") - recommended if your height is 170cm - 185cm or 6' 1"

  3. Large Thigh - 45cm (18")- recommended if you are taller than 185cm

  • We work by the longest length of the protective foam inside the guard for our sizing

  • There will be around one centimeter of toweling and leather overhang around the perimeter that will increase the overall length of the guard


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